Where to eat lunch in Saratoga Springs, NY

Welcome to my fellow bloggers who are in town for Wordcamp on October 11, 2014. Here’s where to eat lunch in Saratoga. The following list is not exhaustive but covers the spots I recommend. These are quick, grab-a-bite places so sit-down spots are not included (though some of these do have seating).

In order of distance from the City Center at 522 Broadway:

  1. Hungry Spot. 480 Broadway, next to City Hall. Hole-in-the-wall with decent sandwiches.

  2. Mrs. London’s. 464 Broadway. World-class pastries; somewhat precious quiche and sandwiches on croissant or baguette.

  3. Comfort Kitchen. 454 Broadway. Great burgers, mac and cheese and other comfort food made with ingredients sourced from local farms. Go in the arcade entrance on Broadway, then down the stairs and all the way to the back.

  4. Putnam Market. 433 Broadway. Gourmet grocery and take-out store with a serve yourself buffet and sandwiches made to order.

  5. Alpha Dog. 6 Phila (walk down Broadway to Phila and turn left). Hole in the wall serving a wide variety of hot dogs.

  6. Four Seasons Natural Foods. 33 Phila (walk down Broadway to Phila and turn left). Pretty decent vegan buffet.

  7. Parkside Eatery. 42 Phila (walk down Broadway to Phila and turn left). Gourmet caterer has its own smoker. Brisket, pastrami and other sandwiches; excellent soups; hot and cold entrees sold by the pound.

If you want to get in the car:

  1. Roma Importing. 222 Washington (drive down Broadway to Washington, turn right, drive down Washington about ¾ mile). World-class Italian deli with great subs and sides.

Also, almost forgot: there’s a Farmer’s Market in High Rock Park, down the hill behind the City Center. Exit toward the parking lot, go down several flights of steps till you reach the next street which is High Rock. Turn left and walk a block or so down to the Farmer’s Market. There is a pavilion as well as several individual vendors selling prepared foods. If you like to drink or cook with buttermilk, get some from Argyle Cheese Farmer. It will blow your mind.

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