Five most popular recipes on Burnt My Fingers (2014 edition)

Another year has gone by and either the balance of my readers has changed or your taste buds have, because there are some real shake-ups in the recipes most often clicked on Burnt My Fingers. Take a look.

  1. Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw. This intensely garlicky concoction, made famous at a Dallas seafood restaurant, wasn’t even in the top five last year. But it’s good so I’m glad to see it on the podium. Just be sure you don’t throttle back the garlic… you really do need as much as the recipe says.

  2. Wilted Kale Salad. Last year’s #1 still makes a strong showing but it’s been fading a bit in recent months. Maybe we’re less interested in healthy eating as evidenced by…

  3. General Tso’s Shrimp with Garlic Sauce. I invented this one from scratch in an attempt to replicate the Spicy Garlic Prawns at Taiwan on Clement Street in San Francisco, and came up with something even better. Wonderful balance of sweet/sour/spicy if I do say so myself.

  4. Sizzling Chicken Sisig. I predicted this would become #1 based on burgeoning traffic last year, but instead it’s almost fallen off the charts and is unlikely to even make the list next year. Perhaps I did something to make Pinoy Google mad?

  5. Fried Calamari Chinese Style. Another from-scratch concoction. If you like Italian-style fried squid you’ll like this even better, because scallion and jalapeño chili rings are fried right along with the cephalopods. This recipe also includes a bonus exploration of alternate sources for “squid”.

I’m also excited about two offal recipes which were recently published so don’t have the big numbers, but are trending in recent months: Chinese Tripe Stew and Pickled Tripe. The first came from my Yelp friend Chen Z and the second is a speculation about Amish traditions, but both are as good as they can be. Assuming you like innards, that is. But if you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here.

In case you want to compare, here’s last years top five list.

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