“Secret” ingredient makes best bread ever

Secret Ingredient Bread

Can you guess the secret ingredient?

Yesterday I produced what I felt was the best tasting baguette I’ve ever baked, for a local food swap group. I was surprised because I’ve made this recipe (it has 20% white spelt flour and 80% all-purpose) several times and this was a step above all the others. Then I realized I had done something different: used “too much” salt.

I normally toss in about 2 1/2 teaspoons/20 grams for a recipe with around 1500 g total weight. This time it didn’t taste salty enough so I added more at the last minute. (Yes, I always taste my raw dough and you should too.) It seemed “too” salty now but the salt resolved beautifully in the bake.

I remember when star baker Michael London was a judge in my country miche taste test a while back, he said his biggest complaint with most bread is insufficient salt. Now I know what he’s talking about.

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