Bacon Brittle!

Bacon Brittle

Peanut Bacon Brittle from Sir Francis Bacon

In the closing moments of last week’s Fancy Food Show, as I scoured the aisles for anything significant I may have missed, I popped a random treat into my mouth and my eyes went wide: Bacon Brittle!

I love bacon and am easy with the current trend of “all things bacon” extending to popcorn, cocktails and more. But the fact is most of the bacon-themed products rely on a combinations of onion salt and paprika and other spices to make something “taste” like bacon without actually “being” bacon.

The folks at Sir Francis Bacon have a different idea. To make bacon brittle, they simply dump in a bunch of bacon: crispy bits, along with some fat. The result is excellent. You can buy it at Dean & DeLuca, or order it here.

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