Friends and Family tasting menu at Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine Menu

Bar Tartine’s Friends and Family Menu for December 10, 2013

Bar Tartine, the restaurant offshoot of the bakery that inspired my Kettle Bread, has been getting acclaim for its menus under chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns. Balla is from Budapest, and for a while the preps had an Eastern-European tilt (eg lots of sausages and root vegetables) but now they’re more cuisine-neutral.

This week I got to try the Friends and Family tasting menu, an excellent value at $62 considering the amount and diversity of food. Common themes were robust breads, of course (many of the dishes either came with bread or went great with bread) and the absence of external spices so the flavor magic was  provided by reductions, fermentations and combinations of the ingredients themselves. There was also imaginative use of koji, a fermenting agent I’ll be working with in the new year.

Here’s what I ate:

Rainbow Trout

Seared Seared Rainbow Trout with Tatsoi and Turnip, Dashi Broth

Trout Belly on Rye

Trout Belly with Koji Butter on Rye Toast

Crackers and Pistachio Dip

Seeded Crackers with Pistachio Dip and Oven-Dried Laver

Beef Tartare Koji Toast

Beef Tartare with Grilled Onions and Koji Butter on Koji Toast (the kitchen’s most popular dish)

Flounder Nettle Puree

A bonus from the kitchen, flounder on nettle puree

Country Bread Kefir Butter

House Bread with Kefir Butter

Smoked Potatoes Black Garlic

Smoked Potatoes with Black Garlic and Fermented Mustard Green Mayonnaise (my favorite dish)

Kale Rye Berries Yogurt

Kale with Rye Berries and Yogurt

Pork Meatball Trumpet Mushroom

Pork Meatball with Creamed Trumpet Mushroom (another favorite)

Pork Meatball Up Close

A closer look at the succulent, rare interior of the pork meatball

Green Chili Stew with Flounder

Green Chili Stew with Flounder in Dashi Broth

Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad with Blue Cheese, Avocado, Walnuts, Grated Pecorino

Carob Mousse

Carob Mousse (more like a brownie) with Carob Crumbles, Milk Ice, Dried Mint

Parsnip Cake

Parsnip Cake with Honey/Apple Juice Reduction, Sour Cream, Bee Pollen

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