My bread machine and me

bread machine and bread

My bread machine and stuffing bread

A bread machine is an amazing thing. It combinse a computer (to manage the programs and timing), a motor (to knead the bread) and a heating unit (to heat up the dough so it will rise). All for around $300 in a top of the line Zojirushi, or $70 in the closeout Breadman I bought from Amazon.

If I did not love the experience of handling the dough with my mitts, I would be using the bread machine all the time. When I do use it, I rely heavily on the recipes in a long out of print but beloved book which is still available on Amazon, Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine by a couple of ladies in Ashland, OR.

Here is an example. I started with their “Not Pain Ordinaire” and added poultry spices because I wanted to use it for stuffing my bird.

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