My Five Most Popular Non-Recipe Posts

In honor of Burnt My Fingers’ second anniversary, I’m revisiting our most popular posts of all time. Here are the top five non-recipe posts:

  1. The Sauce that Made Mr. Durkee Famous. This was originally posted on my marketing blog, but didn’t gain any traction till it was re-directed here. I am so happy so many people are curious about my obsession with this product and its provenance.

  2. Turkey Joints from Nora’s of Rome, New York. Another food provenance post, this about a regional upstate New York product. Who says there isn’t interest in our emerging food scene?

  3. Can I Reuse Pickle Juice? I expect this is a question lots of people type into the Google search box, and I am happy to provide the answer. (Short version: no.)

  4. Red Boat Fish Sauce… da Shizz! Red Boat is good stuff, especially the small bottle of concentrated sauce that I dole out so carefully I’ve hardly made a dent in it. Read why and you’ll never buy Tiparos again.

The next two pageview winners are for “About” and “Stuff to Buy” but those are technically pages not posts, so the final spot goes to:

  1. Noonday Onions. A very simple ode to an unassuming but delicious varietal from Texas. I’m surprised to see it rank so high; guess a lot of people are curious about the origin of the peculiar name. Read it and find out.

Next: my personal favorite recipe posts.

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