Finding bargains at Healthy Living Market in Saratoga

Healthy Living, the great new Whole Foods-like market in my town, is having its grand opening today from 11 am-2 pm in the parking lot outside the store. Lots of demos, activities and best of all food samples, all for free.  I’ll be there, for sure.

Healthy Living has achieved the nickname “Wealthy Living” from some who’ve compared its prices to other stores. If you’re budget conscious, this may not be the place to shop for kitchen staples. Yet finding bargains at Healthy Living is entirely possible if you know where to look. Here are my favorites:

1. Dry roasted peanuts in the bulk aisle at $3.79 a pound. Best peanuts ever!

2. Turn those peanuts into peanut butter, still $3.79 a pound. The machines are pre-loaded with peanuts and other nuts at the far end of the bulk aisle; hold a container under the spout, press the red button, and don’t forget to turn it of before the container overflows.

3. Cheese remainders in the end cap of the cooler aisle. HL’s cheese selection is excellent and in general priced below cheeses of similar quality at other stores. You can sample and put together a cheese plate for almost nothing with the ends-and-pieces in small chunks which are often around a dollar or two.

4. Bulk Red Star yeast in the dairy department. A small bag, enough for a dozen bakes, will cost you almost nothing and it’s fresher than the Fleischmann’s packets as well as far cheaper.

5. Judicious selections from the olive bar. $8.99 a pound for olives is average for a store like this, but I focus on the little peppadews, cipollini onions and caper salad. You can put together a small antipasto for under $3 which is a generous one-person appetizer on its own or can turn into a salad when tossed with lettuce and a squirt of good wine vinegar.


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