Food for thought… Foodspin

This morning, while trolling for Johnny Football trivia, I ran across the Foodspin section of the sports blog I think any reader of Burnt My Fingers would enjoy this. A good place to start is the post called How To Cook Bivalves, The Life-Affirming Pain In The Ass, where author Paul Boreko Albert Burneko points out that if you don’t take your clams or mussels home after buying them (vs, say, stopping to see a movie on the way) they will die and rot and you will get sick when you eat them. Good point!

However, Boreko Bruneko spends most of his time in the comments area, ragging on readers who offend him for some reason. A good example is this thread, castigating a normal-looking guy who, like us, enjoys cheese with his peanut butter. Check it out.

P.S. Post updated. The Foodspin author contacted me and pointed out, in typically genial fashion, that I had misstated his name.


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