Recipe: Pork Adobo, Carnitas Style


Pork Adobo with Guisadong Repolyo (sauteed cabbage)

I cooked the pork the way I make carnitas to make this extra tender and juicy Pork Adobo. The marinade adds delicious flavor and the vinegar provides a kick at the end.

1 pork butt, approximately 4 pounds
½ c soy sauce
8 bay leaves
16 black peppercorns, crushed or cracked
8 garlic cloves finely chopped, approximately ¼ cup
Lots of water
½ cup vinegar, cider or cane
Kosher salt to taste (may not need it)

Method: cut the pork into chunks approximately 1 inch square, trimming off the biggest pieces of fat as you go*. Place in a container or Ziploc bag and add garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves and soy sauce; mix thoroughly. Marinate 8 hours or longer. Transfer the pork to a heavy pot and add water till pork is submerged. Cook on low heat until the water almost completely evaporates. Add the vinegar and serve over white rice.

NOTE: I wanted to experiment with more Pinoy recipes after my Sizzling Chicken Sisig became such a hit. I’m very happy with this one. It captures the flavors I remember from Filipino lunch places in LA, but with a couple of tricks to make it extra easy and delicious.

*For carnitas I leave all the fat on so it will render and crisp the meat at the end, but in this case the cooking liquid becomes part of the dish so you’ll want to trim out at least part of the fat. I used the extra fat to saute the cabbage (cooked with onion and garlic and a bit of tomato) which is another variation on a Philippines staple.

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