A recipe (of sorts) for Snow’s beans

Beans from Snow's BBQ

Slow cooked beans from Snow’s BBQ

After my previous post on the experience at Snow’s BBQ, I commented on my obsession with their beans. I was traveling so unable to try and replicate the recipe on my own. The smokey taste and perfect flavor balance was haunting me, so finally I shot off an email to Snow’s:

Hi, I was there on Saturday and I loved the meat as always but I want to talk about the beans. They really are fantastic. I took a cup with me with my to-go order and have been trying to figure out how you make them. Obviously all your trimmings go in there but what spices? Is there any ketchup? Mustard? Onion or garlic powder? Chili or paprika? And what kind of beans, and are they canned or dried?

The reply, which came back within minutes:

They are just dried sam,s beans with salt, bacon ends, and chili powder. Nothing measured!! Thanks Kerry.

By Sam’s he means Sam’s Club I presume. I’m not a member but I went on their website and all the big bags are pinto beans, so I’m betting that’s what he uses. And maybe the chili powder was picked up during the same visit… why not? Their website says they have Tone Chile Powder in a 20 ounce shaker and Tone Dark Chili Powder in a 5.5 pound plastic jar. Any guesses on which it is? Anybody want to stop by Snow’s (I’m gone from Texas for awhile) and tell me what’s on the shelf above the sink?

Anyway, the point is Kerry keeps it simple because he knows exactly what he wants and knows when he gets it.

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