Recipe: Dr. Pepper Rice

Dr. Pepper Rice

Dr. Pepper Rice

Not that you would, but you could. Dr. Pepper Rice is from Gerald Ramsey’s “Morning, Noon and Night Cookbook” (1963) and it is reminiscent of wild rice. 8 servings.

2 c long grain white rice
3 c Dr. Pepper, flat (I use Diet or Dr. Pepper Ten)
¾ t kosher salt
½ t curry powder
2 T butter
½ c chopped pecans

Method: toast the pecans in a non stick skillet, carefully, until they are just beginning to color and give off aroma; don’t let them burn. Wash and rinse rice according to your preferred method. Combine rice, Dr. Pepper, butter, salt and curry powder in a saucepan and bring to a boil; reduce to a very low simmer and cover; cook 20 minutes. Turn off heat and steam another 15 minutes; toss with toasted pecans and serve.

Note: Gerald Ramsey was the chef at the Southern Methodist University tearoom, a favorite birthday spot for proper young ladies in Dallas. This rice isn’t as weird as you might think; goes nicely with grilled chicken.

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