Recipe: Chopped Spinach Salad with Horseradish

Chopped Spinach Salad with Horseradish

Chopped Spinach Salad with Horseradish

Another favorite from the Highland Park Cafeteria. This makes a nice composed salad for a ladies’ bridge club lunch, I suppose, but the horseradish packs a wallop that interests more manly types. Serves 4.

1 lb spinach, very thoroughly washed and completely dry
2 T mayonnaise (approximately)
1 t lemon juice
4 T grated horseradish
2 hard boiled eggs
Lettuce leaves for serving

Method: Chop the spinach extremely fine. Add lemon juice then just enough mayonnaise to allow the spinach to be molded into a genteel mound for presentation (see picture); divide into 4 serving portions and place a spinach mound on top of a lettuce leaf, using a large spoon for shaping. Duplicate the shape of the spinach with a 1 T mound of horseradish on the side. Grate or finely chop hard boiled eggs and distribute evenly on top of the salads.

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6 Responses to Recipe: Chopped Spinach Salad with Horseradish

  1. emily willingham says:

    wow, i have to try this!

  2. lisa rotenberry says:

    Thank you for posting! I’ve been looking for this recipe! Had it with my lunch at HPC today. So yummy….

  3. Inez says:

    I thought the grated egg was mixed in with the spinach.

    • Burnt My Fingers says:

      No, I don’t think that would work. It would make the spinach too mushy. Actually though it’s been a few years, I think this photo is of the HPC salad as served rather than the one I made myself.

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