Noonday onions

Noonday Onions

Noonday Onions, you sure taste sweet to me.

Noonday onions. The name just has to put a smile on your face.

Maybe they’re called noonday because the onions are harvested at high noon, after the morning sun has burnt off their volatile oils so they are especially sweet and easy to eat.

Or, maybe noonday onions are delicate new growth that are pulled from the ground when the sun is at its peak, before they can be more mature and bitter.

It’s true that noonday onions are delicate and sweet, making the better known Vidalias seem like horse apples by comparison. We got some the other day at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and enjoyed them thinly sliced into salad or sauteed with squash.

But as to the naming, the simple fact is that noonday onions are a naturally sweet Granex hybrid that, by regulation, must be cultivated within 10 miles of the little town of Noonday, TX.

So there you go. If you happen to have some Noondays or other sweet variety and don’t feel like eating them out of hand, here’s a nice recipe.

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