Recipe: Skinny Vinaigrette

Skinny Vinaigrette

Skinny Vinaigrette

Mix up just the vinegar and dry ingredients, then add oil to taste when you dress your salad. Makes much more sense.

1 c good wine vinegar
3 t sugar
2 t Kosher salt
1 t pepper

Method: combine ingredients in a jar with a tight lid and shake till dry ingredients are dissolved. When serving, add oil to taste in your salad. My preferred ratio is 3:1.

Comment: Some time ago I started adding a pinch of sugar to my vinaigrette dressing, realizing that is what adds some of the brightness to the dressings in Italian-American restaurants. To make the sugar dissolve, I found I had to mix it in vinegar with the other dry ingredients and shake before adding oil. After that I would carefully pour in some good oil to my ratio of 3:1.

Then one day it occurred to me: who needs the oil? Just mix up the vinegar in quantity and add oil as needed to your salad. This allows me to vary my oils: a really nice oil for a simple salad on fresh greens, something middle of the road in quality and price for an everyday salad, and maybe even use corn or peanut oil for a busy salad where you can’t really taste the oil. And if I am in a penitent mood, I may drizzle it onto greens without any oil at all.

As a bonus, this preparation doesn’t leave oily rings on my counter or shelves.

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