Recipe: Bonehead BBQ Chicken

Barbecued chicken marinated in Wishbone Dressing. About as easy as it gets.

8 oz Wishbone Italian Dressing
1 chicken, cut into serving size pieces

Method: Pour the dressing over the chicken, stir to mix, marinate for 8 hours stirring several times to distribute the marinade. Grill until juices run clear.

Comment: This is the way my mom made chicken when I was growing up. I always grab a couple bottles of Wishbone when it is on sale and toss them in the back of the pantry for when I want a no-brainer BBQ. Of course you could use your own vinaigrette, but the guar gum and other preservatives and chemicals in the Wishbone dressing seem to keep the chicken from burning/sticking while providing an attractive, evenly coated surface.

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